Dylan Wilbanks

  1. Hi, I'm Dylan.
    1. And let's the links you're probably looking for out of the way.
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  2. And welcome to the outline home page.
  4. I've been working with the web professionally for twelve years.
    1. At least I think I'm professional.
      1. I'm paid.
      2. And I do web stuff.
      3. And it's my main job duty.
    2. Whether my work is professional is another discussion entirely.
      1. And you can have it offline, with me.
      2. Preferably, though, without me. Because I'm a sensitive type who apologizes for finding a font tag in a ten year old page that's not even public anymore.
    3. I used to work at the Generico del losartan potasicoBuy dutasteride online australiaOnline pharmacy cialis uk University of Washington School of Public Health.
      1. The one in Seattle.
      2. Not the one in St. Louis.
      3. Or George Washington University
      4. Or Washington High School.
    4. And at Apptio.
      1. Which you've never heard of.
      2. It's enterprise cloud service costing.
      3. And they're public! Buy stock!
      4. Well, buy it so my stock will be worth more.
  5. And this is my website.
    1. Not much here, is there?
    2. Yeah, there's a story behind it.
  6. I'm been working on moving my site into one centralized place.
    1. Six years
    2. Two webhosts
    3. Nothing done
  7. But This Was Going To Be The Year. Really.
    1. Third straight year of this would be the year.
    2. Seriously. This year.
  8. Then I got busy
    1. Work.
    2. Work.
    3. Work.
    4. Work.
    5. Work.
    6. Work.
    7. Work.
    8. And then when I got home, my routine went something like
      1. Stare at computer
      2. Stare at wal