I am an interaction designer, information architect, product and process wonk, and general gadfly and layabout of the UX world.

I spent three years as a UX designer at Apptio. I did a lot of front-end design while trying to build a fully iterative UX lifecycle into an enterprise software development team. Along the way, Apptio’s sales grew by 6x (to a $100 million a year). I helped steer the company from a growing startup to an organization with a robust product design team.

I worked as a web developer at the University of Washington for just short of a decade. I’m still a fellow traveller with the higher ed web community (or at least they let me hang around if I’m paying for the drinks).

I am a staunch advocate for web accessibility and usability, and I’ve given multiple presentations at major conferences about the web.

In my non-work life I hang out with my wife and daughter and attend way too many Mariners games.

Also, I like nectarines.