Weight at start of year, in pounds: 278
Weight at end of year: 268
Number of articles in the Christian Science Monitor in which I am quoted: 1
Number of minutes conversed with Jeffrey Zeldman over lunch at An Event Apart: 20
Number of days I lost my voice after An Event Apart: 2
Total appearances in CSSquirrel comics in 2010: 2
Twitter followers, December 31, 2009: 820
December 31, 2010: 1153
Books completed in 2010: 3
Number of different books completed in 2010: 2
Number of books resolved to complete in 2011: 12
Expected number of books to complete in 2011: 2
Number of homes purchased, 1972-2009: 0
In 2010: 1
Change in percent of Zillow’s estimate of home value since April: -12
Days snowed in due to buying a house located on a sloped street: 2
Of paint colors applied to house walls, percentage named for food or drink: 67
Percentage that share name with popular young adult paranormal fantasy book series: 11
Public talks given: 2
Total slides in Refresh Bellingham talk “Teach Your Child Nodes Well” deck: 138
Distance from Seattle to Bellingham in miles: 90
Menu item ordered at “Bellingham’s Best Mexican Food” Taco Lobo post-talk: 20
Number of times HighEdWeb 2010 talk “10 Years In The Hole” given: 5
Number of ways in Cincinnati chili eaten at HighEdWeb 2010: 5
Conference awards won at HighEdWeb: 2
References to Anthony Bourdain in Bellingham talk: 1
References to Conan The Barbarian in Cincinnati talk: 1
Seattle Barcamps attended, lifetime: 3
Number of comparisons made between eating cantaloupe and vulgar sex acts during lightning rant at Barcamp Seattle 2010: 3
Times acted as Santa Claus, 2010: 1
As Tooth Fairy: 3
Cost of Weber Genesis grill received as birthday present: $600
Total meals cooked on Weber Genesis grill: 0
Total days unassembled Weber Genesis has sat in its original box in the garage: 94
Total moving boxes still unpacked in garage: 21
Total boxes of books unshelved: 6
Current trimmer setting requested of barber when having head buzzed: 2
Percent, estimated, of beard hair that is white or grey: 40
Number of times, estimated, I have played Sleeping Queens with the daughter: 35
Number of times won, estimated: 10
Percentage of nephews who returned from military service in Afghanistan unscathed: 100
Expected percent cut of state’s funding for university in 2011: 20
Estimated budget cut had Initiative 1098 passed: 5
Amount I-1098 would have saved me on property taxes: $180
Number of times larger expected pay reduction as a result of new budget is than expected tax cut from I-1098: 11
Months until I reach 10 years at UW: 5.5
Number of times in 2010 attempted to open office door with car keyless remote: 17
Mariners games attended, 2010: 11
Number of those games which featured Cliff Lee as a Mariners starter: 0
Mariners wins at those games: 4
Mariners’ overall win total: 61
Ratio of devices using Internet connection to home occupants, December 2008: 2:1
December 2010: 3:1
Total years of The Economist bought with frequent flyer miles: 2
Total blog posts written in 2010: 3
Total blog posts written in 2010 still in draft form: 4
Days it took to complete this list: 3
Odds Harper’s will issue a DMCA notice for deriving this blog post from their trademarked Index: 1 in 3